Coming to a Driveway Near You


Holly has been our groomer for our shelties for 13 years. She is an outstanding professional. She is always gentle and persevering even when she meets opposition. She is meticulous with cleanliness and uses only high quality products. Holly is knowledgeable with many breeds and our Sophia looks ready for show when finished. She truly loves each and every one she grooms, and it shows in the result. We couldn’t ask for a more qualified person to groom our dog.

Janet and Sophia


My dog's coats, all mixed breeds, have never been more beautiful than since Holly Heffernan started stopping by with her Miracle day on wheels for the hairy buggers!  She de-sheds them, does their ears and nails, washes and conditions them, and they smell awesome when she's done!   So much easier than me trying to do all four by myself!  Judge just turns inside out with glee when he sees Holly....



I'm not entirely certain, but I'm pretty sure our Abby and Logan were Holly's first "clients." I KNOW they were the first "overnight" guests at CampBoulden (as we affectionately called it) and as such, were treated to the lap of luxury and attention! My dogs loved the kitties and the pool and all of the extra attention that they received from Aunt Holly and Uncle Garth ~ we loved the fact that we never had to worry about them and knew that they were most probably receiving better attention than they did at home! Over the years, we have become "family" marking both happy and sad events in each other's lives. Our Sheltie family has expanded and deminished with Sempre, Abby, Logan and even Garth entering the Heavenly Homeland. It's comforting to know that Garth is up there "managing" things as he did so well down here. We were privileged to witness Holly's marriage to Ted and realize that without our beloved 4-legged family, we would never have entered each other's lives. A testimony to just how important our canine family members are. They enrichen and texture our lives and we are oh so much better human beings as a result.

I'm fairly certain this wasn't what Holly had in mind when I decided to provide a testimonial but we couldn't tell the story of our wonderful relationship with Canine Design without telling some of the story! The fact that our dogs have always looked show ring ready; been attended to with love and devotion; cared for with kindness and affection and just plain look spectacular when they step out of that gorgeous mobile van and shake off the remainder of the "grooming effect" is secondary, in our minds, to the beautiful relationship that is Canine Design and our family. Thank you, Holly, for always taking care of us; for being a true friend to us and for loving our precious babies as your own. We love you,

The Zeller Family


We all look forward to the days Holly comes to visit Addie, our 5 pound Yorkiepoo. Sure, she's professional and her van is immaculate, but most of all she truly loves animals. She goes the extra mile to make sure that your pet is in top notch condition and happy. She customizes her approach for individual doggie personalities. Her "parent" communication, with an individual report card and your next visit clearly stated, is fantastic. We have had Holly for many years and would be lost without her loving, friendly visits.

Diane & John



We first met Holly in 1999 when we adopted our "almost" Sheltie from the SPCA. As you can imagine, he needed a bit of attention hygiene wise! Choosing Holly for the job was and is one of the best decisions we ever made. She remained Mickey's groomer until we lost him to health complications in 2007. ln 2008 we adopted a Brittany Spaniel (again from the SPCA - with the same aroma!). Holly to the rescue. Two different types of dogs, two different personalities, but both IN LOVE with Holly. You may be able to fool people, but not a dog! I once made the mistake of mentioning that Holly was coming in the afternoon and Dandy spent almost 2 hours watching the driveway for her van. We now have to spell her name. I think that gives her a better recommendation than anything I could write. We ALL vote for Holly as the very best groomer you could find.


The Hyatts